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Trump Lies

A sub-brand of Correct The Record created to publicize Donald Trump’s chronic lies and hold him accountable for them.

All politicians are known to fib or lie every now and then. But there has never been a candidate for any office as outlandish as Donald Trump with his lies. No matter how many times his statements are proven false, he doubles and triples down on them, refusing to admit that they are untrue. At Correct The Record we thought it was important to not only identify all of his lies, but keep a running count and hold him accountable for his false statements. Whether he is lying about his business record, or his support for the war in Iraq, Donald Trump is a pathological liar and cannot be trusted.

I created the Trump Lies brand to launch two weeks before the Republican National Convention and further plague the candidate with negative news coverage. The brand is designed to take a more satirical approach to his dishonest personality. Because he received a record number of more than 1,000 Washington Post fact checker “Pinocchios,” I created a Trump version of their Pinocchio for the logo. This Trumpnocchio was used online and in press blasts every time Trump lied during a speech or interview.



For this sub-brand of Correct The Record, I designed the logo and standalone website where fact checks and information could be found. This brand was also promoted before and during the Republican National Convention with numerous collateral items (stickers, fact sheets, koozies, flash drives, etc.) and a press kit. The strategy for this brand was to remind reporters how often Trump lies and how egregious and inaccurate his lies are.

The Trump Lies brand was used to email reporters weekly roundups with every lie Trump said that week and succeeded in garnering attention for lies that would have gone otherwise unnoticed. This presidential election was unprecedented with the severity and quantity of lies spoken by the Republican candidate and this brand highlighted that character flaw to remind reporters and voters how serious his lying can be.


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