Tom Udall for Senate

Promotional product and digital design for U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s 2014 re-election campaign.

Tom Udall, New Mexico’s senior Senator, was facing his first re-election campaign during the 2014 midterm and needed a strong digital presence to engage more voters, particularly millennial voters. Although Tom had established name recognition and a logo from previous campaigns, I was hired to revitalize his brand and energize the campaign while highlighting key issues for supporters to share across social media outlets.

Tom Udall understands the issues that New Mexicans face, including gender equality, minimum wage increases, minority rights and healthcare concerns. The graphics needed to attract attention on both digital and print platforms and encourage social media followers to share Tom’s message to undecided voters. I created infographics, inspirational quotes, event invitations, and posters and banners that showcased Tom’s pro-New Mexico platform. These graphics were shared thousands of times, attracted the attention of dozens of national news sites and ultimately helped Tom Udall win re-election.

Working in campaign headquarters throughout the election cycle, I collaborated with senior communication and digital professionals to create social graphics and other products. To capitalize on the logo’s established brand identifiers, I used the same turquoise and gold color scheme along with new fonts and layout designs to showcase Tom’s message in new designs. The strategy for design in this election was to remain positive and only communicate Tom’s accomplishments and vision for the future.


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