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The Trump Project

A video testimonial series featuring women and men telling stories about those taken advantage of, offended by, or otherwise hurt by Donald Trump.

The Trump Project is a video testimonial series featuring women and men telling stories about those taken advantage of, offended by, or otherwise hurt by Donald Trump. The mini documentary videos showcases the deceptive and biggoted practices of Donald Trump, as told by people who had business or personal relationships with him. For example, one features Paul Friel, whose father’s cabinetry company was hired by Trump to do work at Trump Plaza, but Trump refused to pay the total amount owed. After Friel’s father pursued and ultimately dropped a lawsuit against Trump, he was blacklisted by Trump and ended up having to lay off many of his workers. Another features former model, Rhonda Noggle, who spent the night on the town with Trump back in 1992 and was so insulted by his comments that she stopped the limousine and immediately left him.

I designed this sub-brand of Correct The Record to emphasis the dark and treacherous effect that Donald Trump has had on innocent people. In addition to a logo and visual identity guide, I designed the website, social graphics and elements for the production team to carry the brand across videos.


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The Trump Project (Trailer)

The Trump Project is a documentary project of Correct the Record that tells the stories, in their own words, of the men and women who have been impacted by Donald Trump’s career. It relies on research—including first-person accounts, expert testimony, news accounts of the time and document evidence—to tell these stories. Donald Trump’s decisions have hurt thousands of Americans for over 40 years. The videos here give voice to the people and communities who have lived with the consequences.


How Bad of A Businessman is Donald Trump?

Two experts, and one person impacted by Trump’s business deals, discuss his record. Marvin Roffman, an analyst, was taken to court by Trump after telling the Wall Street Journal that Trump’s plan for the Taj Mahal was financially irresponsible. Trump settled the case and Roffman won financial compensation. Prudence Gourguechon, past president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, argues that Trump views his business partners and even the banks which lend him money as expendable since he can just use them until he gets a better deal. “Donald Trump’s handshake, his signature and his word mean absolutely nothing in Atlantic City,” says Paul Friel, whose father’s cabinetry business was never paid in full for the work it completed on Trump Plaza.


How Trump the “Self-Promoter” Sold the Idea of His Casino to Gary, Indiana on False Promises

Chuck Hughes, a former city councilman in Gary, Indiana, describes how Donald Trump applied for a casino gaming license in Indiana and spun a “great yarn” of how the attractions at his riverboat casino would change lives in Gary. Trump made made flamboyant promises and a slick marketing campaign to get the Indiana Gaming Commission to select his bid. Trump’s promises were not a plan and his stories had no substance. He ended up “taking advantage of our community,” Chuck says.


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