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Lindbeck For Alaska

Logo and branding guidelines for Steve Lindbeck’s U.S. congressional race for Alaska’s at-large district.

Facing an uphill battle for the only congressional seat in the state of Alaska, Steve Lindbeck needed a logo and campaign design that reflected his commitment to the state and fresh energy that the Republican incumbent lacks.

To reflect Steve’s personality and communication objectives, the logo will reflect both traditional Alaskan heritage as well as his vision for the future. The color scheme is familiar and follows the state’s colors while the simple design is elegant and exciting. It will add to the enthusiasm as Steve travels the state and help him connect with, and inspire, voters.

Steve’s opponent has held the congressional seat for more than 40 years in a state that already leans conservative. My mission for the client was to provide a visual identity that Alaskans felt immediately comfortable with, but also inspired them to believe in a new vision for their state. The logo and accompanying products that I designed included a website, stickers, yard signs, stationary, rally materials and apparel. The color scheme and signature swoosh were the main brand identifiers, while the gold star was a nod to the Polaris star from the state flag. The branding included multiple color adaptations to allow for inexpensive printing for the client.

Steve fell in love with Alaska at age 9 when he moved with his family to the military base on Kodiak Island. In the years since, Steve has dedicated his life to partnering with Alaskans across the state to address tough challenges and revitalize our communities. An independent for most of his life, he’s worked with Republicans and Democrats to bring new ideas and determined leadership to make Alaska a better place to live. He’s running for congress to represent every Alaskan and build a strong future for the state and its people.



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