Branding / Design

Don Quixote Distillery & Winery

Logo and label design, and event planning and promotion for New Mexico’s oldest distillery.

New Mexico’s oldest distillery lacked a strong brand identity and cohesive branding, which hindered national expansion and appeal to the tourism industry.

This project was a complete rebranding that included the logo, labels, digital design and new media opportunities. Capitalizing on Don Quixote’s location in Los Alamos, N.M., I rebranded the company to focus on the scientific and technical aspects of distilling. I began by creating new brand attributes and defining its personality, and then created cohesive corporate identity standards. After that I created creating a logo for the company that represented Don Quixote and was also flexible enough to be placed on anything from apparel to corks. In addition to a new website, print collateral and advertisements, I also created a line of labels that resemble periodic table elements. Complimenting the new visual identity, I assisted the company in planning events at their location and throughout the state and drafting promotional materials to increase its visibility.

Don Quixote Winery & Distillery is now a strong and cohesive brand. The periodic table element labels have garnered media attention and the distillery has new banners and OOH advertisements that identify and distinguish the brand amongst competitors. The showrooms have seen more than double the traffic and the unique labels have increased sales by more than 40%.

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