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Correct The Record

The main research and rapid response Super-PAC defending Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 election.

Correct The Record is a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks. The coordinated Super-PAC was formed in 2013 to support Secretary Clinton from the Benghazi investigations through the general election campaign. I started work at CTR in the summer of 2015 as a graphic designer and finished the election as the Senior Designer and Brand Manager for the organization.

While at CTR I created daily social media graphics for rapid response, designed physical products and collateral for press kits, and created identity standards and logos for multiple sub-brands within the organization. As part of the branding process I also creatively directed the design of multiple websites and brand integrations. In addition to creating brand identity standards for multiple brands, I approved work from a team of designers and presented the strongest materials to help defend and elect Hillary Clinton.

My work at CTR has won multiple awards including a Gold Pollie for Most Innovative Collateral and Bronze for Overall Best Use of Negative Contrast.


At Correct The Record I created and managed multiple sub-brands that were used for special projects throughout the election. Each brand has it’s own identity, audience and purpose that help inform stakeholders and voters.


In addition to digital design, I also created dozens of physical products at Correct The Record. These books, stickers, posters, press kits, swag, etc. helped the organization earn millions of impressions and received numerous awards.

Primary State Press Kits

Before each state primary, I created, ordered and prepared hundreds of press kits for reporters that included information about Hillary’s record/accomplishments and tools to cover the election more accurately.

The press kits were branded to correlate with CTR’s digital response throughout the primaries and created a cohesive message.


Trump Hats

Throughout the Republican primary, each candidate attempted to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s extreme rhetoric. Especially after Trump called for a ban of all Muslims into America.

CTR wanted to remind everyone that each Republican candidate has the same hate-filled policies as Trump, just without his energy. To do this, I created hats that mocked Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats by adding each candidate’s anti-muslim statement. For example, Jeb Bush stated that there should be religious tests for entrance into America.

I designed and ordered the hats, then photographed and mailed each custom hat to the candidates. The hats were featured in multiple news outlets (CNN, Washington Examiner, The Hill) and garnered millions of impressions.

The Trump Hats won Bronze at the 2016 Pollie Awards for Overall Best Use of Negative Contrast.


Benghazi Committee Books

The primary mission at CTR is to defend Hillary Clinton from false attacks and there was no bigger attack than the Republican-lead House Select Committee on Benghazi. The partisan committee was formed to tarnish Hillary’s image, even though it lacked any facts and produced no new findings.

To defend Hillary, I designed two different books to tell the true story of the tragedy in Benghazi and the controversies since. The first, The Complete Guide to the Benghazi Select Committee was a 140 page report filled with research and infographics that called into question the validity and corruption of the committee. It was released one day prior to Hillary’s 11 hour testimony and was featured on dozens of news channels, which changed the media narrative of the committee and earned millions of impressions. View the book here.

The second book, Committee No. 10: The True Story of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, was released after the committee finished it’s two-year long investigation with nothing new discovered. It highlighted the wasted taxpayer dollars and partisan corruption that fueled the unethical investigation. See the book as part of the Benghazi Research Center brand here.

The Complete Guide won Gold for Most Creative/Innovative Collateral at the 2016 Pollie Awards.


I lead the creative redesign of the main website for Correct The Record in addition to multiple websites and microsites for sub-brands and projects.


CTR responded to every attack and false statement, primarily through the website and social media channels. To do this I created and managed production of more than 5,000 graphics during my time at CTR. These graphics ranged from positive Hillary quotes and facts to Trump lies and attacks, and attracted audiences online during special events or debates.

The graphics helped CTR spread its message online with hundreds of thousands of retweets and shares, and created hundreds of millions of impressions throughout the election.

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