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Benghazi Research Center

A brand created for Correct The Record to focus on defending Hillary Clinton against investigations into the attacks in Benghazi.

On October 22, 2015 Hillary Clinton testified for more than 11 hours in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. The highly anticipated testimony in front of the committee tasked with tarnishing her reputation was viewed as a critical landmark in her presidential campaign’s ability to win the primary, and she exceeded expectations with her presentation. Behind the scenes, however, there was a group changing the media narrative and not only defending Secretary Clinton, but offensively attacking the committee for conducting a partisan witch hunt. That group was Correct The Record operating under its sub-brand, the Benghazi Research Center.

This brand was created to fact check the House Select Committee on Benghazi throughout its investigation, publish reports identifying the tax-payer funds being wasted on this committee and correct any misstatements about Secretary Clinton’s role in the attacks in Benghazi, Lybia. The Benghazi Research Center is designed to present research and information in an authoritative, non-partisan format.

The objective of creating this sub-brand within Correct The Record was to present information from a brand that appeared to be an independent, unbiased organization. I designed the logo, website and video styles to look official and factual. The website features infographics that can be shared across social platforms and identify the waste of taxpayer funds and lack of results found from the committee.

Additionally, I designed two books under the BRC name and managed the press campaign to mail and promote the publications. The Benghazi Research Center became a strong voice to promote facts about the committee and defend Secretary Clinton from false attacks throughout the primary season.

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