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Barrier Breakers 2016

A sub-brand designed to unite Hillary Clinton supporters online and supply them with positive and informative content.

Hillary Clinton supporters are enthusiastic and passionate about their candidate, but during the 2016 primary they were scared to voice their opinions online because of trolls and violent accounts that bullied and threatened them. This research finding led us to discover something more damaging-Hillary supporters are not organized and lack a central digital hub for content and behind-the-scenes strategy. Supporters across the country needed a group to organize them and supply them with content to share with their networks in order to reach millennials and undecided voters.

With this situation analysis, I created a brand called Barrier Breakers 2016, modeled after Hillary’s slogan of “Breaking down barriers for all Americans.” Barrier Breakers is the external brand for the team of social media experts at Correct The Record who organize digital stakeholders and run the social media accounts for BB2016. This sub-brand was designed to only be positive content about Hillary and never attack Trump or incite arguments online with non-supporters. The main problem that supporters have is a lack of content about Hillary’s record to share so I designed a website similar to BuzzFeed. The BB2016 website was updated daily with listicles, GIFs, graphics, infographics, videos and live recaps of events which supporters shared in their groups and personal accounts. This brand became a huge portion of CTR’s digital efforts and achieved its goals of organizing and arming Hillary supporters throughout the 2016 presidential election.



For the Barrier Breakers brand, I served as the Creative Director where I directed a team of designers and also managed the brand’s strategy. This brand’s website required constant updating with new policy shareables and multimedia content. Some content was posted online and some was emailed to a behind-the-scenes group of stakeholders who manage their own pro-Hillary groups.

In addition to digital content, I also designed promotional products that were distributed at the Democratic National Convention and new branding to help smaller pro-Hillary groups establish themselves. The creative requirements for this project included a website, social media profiles, graphics, infographics, videos, and promotional products.


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